If we follow the logic of the market and wish to use a financial metric, the academy is gone. Presses will publish only profitable books, graduate students will write only profitable dissertations, and tenure will be awarded based on scholarship that is profitable. Reforming a university press under the mandate that it be financially solvent and, by extension, awarding it value based on profit is a direct attack on academic freedom, free inquiry, free speech.

—David Palumbo-Liu

Make a Stand.

The fight to save SUP is a fight to save a valued institution; the implications of this struggle cut to the heart of why we do research, pursue knowledge, and have universities in the first place. Below are some things you can do to help, to save SUP—and all it stands for.

  1. Consider adding your name to the petition:
    for Stanford-affiliated individuals | for non-Stanford individuals.
  2. Learn more about Stanford University Press (see SUP Facts).
  3. Learn more about university presses in general (check out The Value of University Presses).
  4. Write Provost Persis Drell and President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, to express your reasoned support for SUP.
  5. Support SUP and university presses; buy university press books (a few suggestions here).
  6. To potential SUP authors: Considering submitting a manuscript to SUP and wondering what this all means? Please drop us a line. We are not part of SUP but many of us have worked with them, and we know the situation. (Also see Tom Mullaney's message on twitter.)
  7. Voice your support online in blogs and social media; see #SupportSUP hashtag.
  8. Spread the word about save-sup.org.

Keep Up to Date.

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Questions? Ideas? Bug report?
Contact: hello@save-sup.org.